Totes Amaze!

Right now it is all about the pieces that are going to carry you through from those intermittent grey skies to hopefully more permanent sunshine.  While you’re busy trying to figure out how to feel more summery yet keep warm (it is still cold in the shade) I’ve got a suggestion for you. Why not brighten up your look with a statement of-the-moment tote? It is big enough to carry your cardigan in and even store a pair of wedges to take you from pub lunch to the wine bar in the evening. More importantly than practicalities the three suggestions I have to show you here are undeniably beautiful. I have deliberately chosen bright colours rather than black because the benefit of their size means in one easy grab-and-go accessory you can elevate your whole look from bitter March to marvellous May with a bold splash of colour.
Victoria Beckham’s two-tone textured leather and woven-linen shopper has black wings ensuring it will stay pristine longer. At £980 it is an investment but it’s tote-ally wearable come rain or shine because it has those darker tones too. Still, it is bright enough to achieved the desired affect and utterly exquisite.

Reiss have jumped on the Celine-esque bandwagon with this divine watermelon bag. In person it has a slightly brighter orange hue and is going to be seriously eye-catching when you stroll through the city in the sunshine or sit pool-side for some nosh. The bright colour is suitable for your summer holiday as well as to wear right now. Even if you just through on some jeans and a jumper to run your errands grab this tote and you’ll look current, fresh and ready for summer!

Finally Zara, (they really do never fail, eh?) have a wonderful white take on this totes amaze trend. Be careful how you treat this bag as grubby white is not chic! Nevertheless the extra TLC required for a brave choice like this one will be totally worth it when everyone you walk past’s eyes turn green with envy! White is a trend that can’t be missed. It can be hard to pull off or get quite right but this bag (£89.99) is a sure and simple way of indulging in the super sleek look.

So while the British weather toys with our emotions, luring us out with sun and sending us shooting inside with rain you can still brighten up your look with great ease (and without feeling silly when it turns grey!).

 Images courtesy of, reissonline, net-a-porter, zara.

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