Bank Holiday Outfit: Tartan on Tartan

Blessed with sunshine, we were, on Monday, which also happened to be a Bank Holiday Monday, the best kind of Mondays! After an evening at The Ship the night before I hopped and skipped my way into town to get my haircut. This is technically an outfit post but I must also add that it was my first time going to Headmasters and I was extremely impressed. The service was excellent because my appointment began with an in depth consultation, and guess what? Hairdressers do have ears because the lady who looked after me actually listened! So after a large Cafe Nero and a wonderful time at Headmasters I swung by M&S and headed home for a 7mile walk in Bushy Park. My brother, his fiancĂ©e and my boyfriend joined me, mum and dad for an afternoon of too much food followed by yet another pub visit. 

I chose this floaty tartan dress which is from Topshop but I've had it since I was doing my GCSEs (a long time ago now!) because it is loose and moveable but also summery and British. I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to British sun so I rarely look properly summery but I find having my legs out while keeping covered up on top is a good middle ground and I believe it hit 25 degrees on this day in particular.

There is so much material in this dress it has a life of its own which is kind of fun when your being merry goofy and dancing about. To avoid actually looking like an 5 year old I grunged it up with my cut-out-leather-gold-buckle-boot/shoes from Office. I feel this is a fair time to warn you you will more than certainly be seeing a lot of these on my blog this summer! I'm in love. Anyway... They're grungey attitude works with the 90s punky/British vibe of my tartan dress so just to go the full hog I threw on my Dad's old Gant shirt to go to the pub in. Tartan on Tartan? That's worse than denim on denim isn't it? Well actually I think this really works. Its unexpected but both pieces have so much fabric going on that they almost blend into one especially as they're similar lengths. The clashing tartans works perfectly for that extra dose of attitude this look deserves!

Last season and this we have been bombarded with floral to futuristic prints being clashed in abundance so this is my take on that trend. It was a fun way to re-work some old pieces in my wardrobe too.The 90s grunge thing is also relevant again so my Kurt-esque shirt is a great homage to that. Apparently there's another bank holiday coming up so lets prey for more sunshine then too!

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