Beauty review: Eyelash extensions

Recently I have been getting really into beauty products, not that I haven't previously embraced make up etc., but lately I have begun to learn about the plethora of products available. One new beauty enhancing love of mine is eyelash extensions.

In January I was due to attend an event and as a treat my sweet mother booked for me to get my lashes done. She has had them a few times before and I was always a little bit (okay a lot) jealous. A friend of my mums actually comes to the house to apply the lashes. So it was as simple as lying down for a couple of hours in my living room and relaxing. 
Me before - just my own little natural lashes!
You can't have any make up on when you get them done! Get it off!
It takes roughly two hours to have the synthetic lashes attached one by one using glue, special tweezers and a greatly skilled and trained person! I must confess each time I get mine done I always doze off around the hour and a half mark which is a little embarrassing but can be hard to help sometimes! There are different lengths, widths and colours of lashes (my mum prefers dark dark brown to black) and even strengths of glue. I choose the strongest glue because my skin can handle it but if you do have sensitive skin there are less industrial versions and the glue doesn't actually touch your skin only your lashes so you should be fine (although talk to the beauty therapist about it first). 

You are advised not to get them wet for the first 24 hours but after that you're good to go. There is absolutely no need to wear mascara whatsoever, because trust me, they'll be full enough if they're done well. However as they begin to thin out you may have the urge to fluff them up a bit yourself with added mascara. I recommend you buy a special mascara designed for the extensions because anything with the smallest bit of oil in will make them come away immediately. So finally do not take your eye make up off with any oily make up remover. I use cotton buds and very gentle cleanser by No. 7 to carefully take away any unwanted eye shadow. Although I usually just take my eye make up off in the shower. 

The lashes last as long as your lash cycle is. Yes, we have lash cycles where your lashes fall out and grow back. Unless you pick at them or fiddle too much then the lashes will just naturally fall out as your eyelashes would anyway. The average time is between 8-12 weeks. If you want rid earlier than that then there are special remover ointments or you can just use an especially oily make up remover which should do the trick. If you want to keep 'em going then do as I have done in the past and get them refilled after about 4 weeks. This takes half the time, and costs half as much. Working with what you still have left from before any new gaps are filled out and you are as good as new. 

The benefits of having eyelash extensions is both aesthetic and practicality. I generally don't like to wear much face make up in the day (unless my skin is bad) so having my eyelashes ready the moment I wake means I can just put some powder on and I'm good to go. The length and fullness really gives shape to my eyes, opening them up to be even bigger. Somehow they seem to give my face better definition too, which I love. 

I must confess after having them filled in once, I did let them all fall out because I felt that my eyelashes needed some rest and recuperation. Although you begin to forget they're even there it is obviously unnatural weight on your little eyelashes so its nice to give them a breather. However I do know girls that maintain theirs permanently so it is doable!

My long luscious lashes!
I can't recommend eyelash extensions enough. I also have to give Claire who does mine a shout out! When I had my make up done at The Vogue Festival this weekend by a professional Chanel make up artist the lady was so impressed she took Claire's number off me so she could get hers done too! If you live near Cobham, Surrey and would like to get yours done too then get in touch. If not then there are so many salons that provide the service. Prices range from £60-£120. 

 All images are my own and should be credited to HanJanRan if used.

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