Kate Upton for Victoria's Secret

The blonde bombshell has broken all previous expectations of curvy models in the fashion industry. With ample shape the then teenager burst on the scene via Sports Illustrated and a YouTube video we've all seen. Whether she is what the fashion industry like or not a few saw past the measurement difference between her and regular fashion models. Having now been on the cover of three Vogues including American, British and Italian issues. 

Victoria's Secret model booker, Sophie Neophitou, announced in an interview with the New York Times that she would never hire the world famous lingerie model for the world famous lingerie brand. Kate was labelled as "Page 3" and describing her face as the sort one can buy.

These bold and harsh words have come back into the news because Kate Upton is the latest face of "The Body Bra" from none other than Victoria's Secret. The brand used to be renowned for their choice of more voluptuous models. However recently they've become increasingly more "fashion" in terms of measurements. I wrote previously of the uproar from fans about Karlie Kloss' haircut. Between demanding a particular length of hair and a specific body shape it is now more than ever that these young girls need role models that break society's shape of normality. Ordinarily I would deem the pressure  put on a young 20 year old with the title of "Role Model" as unfair but I hope Kate rises to the challenge and behaves as a "Role Model" by not losing weight or indeed losing weight so long as it is her choice, not because of others' pressurising.

Having also been the face of Accessorize, Guess and the target of harsh pro-ana websites her career has been controversial to say the least. But why? Admittedly she doesn't look like the average fashion model, but she looks more like some of my friends. Her style is va va voom and head turning which is what any brand manager wants, surely? To call her cheap and her look "too obvious" says more about that person's lack of foresight to see what she does have to offer. Any of us, even with a more humble breast size than Upton, can look cheap with poor styling and dodgy make up. Feast your eyes on these shots from Vogue campaigns and the most recent Victoria's Secret image. Kate does not look cheap, Page 3 or plastic surgery ridden. Although there are photographs that may warrant such descriptions which can be found by simply searching for her on Google (she  comes up before Kate Middleton). My response to those who are missing her charm is that it says more about you than it does Kate... and Kate is laughing all the way to the bank.

Images courtesy of www.fashionspot.com, www.fashiongonerogue.com

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