What I wore out with Made in Chelsea and what to wear to a nightclub

Me, Lucy, Stevie, Josh, Ashley and Olivia
 I am not sure about you, although I suspect we’re all the same in this instance, but I feel as though I am on a constant style evolution or even a revolution! In this particular instance as I get older looking sophisticated is a quality I look for in my outfits more and more. So when it comes to choosing what to wear clubbing I get a bit of internal conflict. If I wear a super chic, fashionable but covered up look sometimes I feel a bit frumpy once I’m on the dance floor surrounded by mini dresses. However on the flip side I think my itsy bitsy, teeny weeny dress days are over, it’s just not to my taste anymore. So what on earth does one wear to a club? Well I’ve come up with a few rules* for myself to make the getting ready process a little easier.

*These are rules for me that I thought I’d share and by no means do I think those that don’t follow the sentiment behind them have bad taste! It’s all about individual flavour!

What I wore out

1) It has to be an outfit I would feel comfortable in going to a smart bar wearing, not just a night club. I suppose this is a politer way of saying that the ‘BOOB OR LEG, NOT BOTH’ rule very much applies to my sartorial choices.

Diane von Furstenberg LBD
2) Sometimes mini feels right (if nothing else is too much on show) but I never wear a dress /skirt that I have to pull down all night! After all I want to be able to throw my hands up in the air (…like I just don’t care!) without worrying where my dress is going to end up.

3) Have fun with more adventurous make up. What might look garish or too much in the day is way more acceptable in the evening. And the same goes for hair. The night is the best time to try out more adventurous styles.

4) Quali’ey is key. Even if they are similar styles, wearing higher quality materials and better constructed pieces can elevate a look from standard to stand out. Look to the high end of the high street if designer is out of your budget like Reiss, Whistles and French Connection.

5) Even if they’re my “all-time favourite” shoes, if they are scuffed and dirty, they have to go. There is no excuse to wear grubby worn out things.

Lucy Watson at Mahiki
Baring all of this in mind as I began to get ready for one of my first remotely summery nights out of the year I debated what to wear. I know I harp on about not wearing black and admittedly look like a total hypocrite here, but if in doubt you know you can always turn to a trusty LBD. In fairness this is a particularly special one. This Diane von Furstenberg dress is so meticulously well designed it is a constant winner. It actually epitomises what I would say is an investment piece. By spending that little bit more and focussing on great design rather than obeying specific and short lived trends, you end up with a piece that never goes out of style and you always feel great in. I decided to go for a Hollywood siren vibe with my hair and makeup. Swept to the side I used tongs to add loose curls, wore costume jewels to add some pizazz and a seriously dark lipstick making it all the more appropriate for the night. My Kurt Geiger mesh shoes made the whole look more modern and for walking between The Mayfair Club and Mahiki I threw on my trusty Jofama leather jacket to keep warm. Ticking all my clubbing attire boxes and even managing to resist the familiar safety of an LBD, my companion for the evening, Lucy Watson, wore a bright floral dress from Whistles. With vibrant colour, sleeves and a short hemline it was the absolute perfect dress to wear from an event, to a bar and finally to the club. Teamed with cobalt blue courts and a deep pink patent clutch Luce made her flowery dress current.

Me, Luce and her pretty flower

So if you like what Lucy and I wore last Friday night follow my 5 rules to achieve a sophisticated but fun look that is appropriate to party in. Do you have anything to add to these 5 rules? Let me know on my Facebook page (click here) or on twitter (click here). 

Amazing construction and divine draping by DVF

80s earrings
Kurt Geiger mesh heels

Top photograph from www.love-and-war.blogspot.com all others are my own and should be credited if used.

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