What I wore to see Beyonce's Mrs Carter tour

When they were released my friend tried to get us some, but unfortunately we were unable to get any tickets for Beyoncé's Mrs Carter show. But then on Easter Sunday my boyfriend dropped a Bey shaped bomb and told me he'd got his hands on a pair, for the two of us. (Thank you so much Spencer!) Finally the day was here and I knew to honour the spirit of the big-haired-independent-woman that my look needed to have a show stopper element. 

Concerned about the queues we decided to stay in Fulham for dinner and ate at the Lebanese restaurant in Imperial Wharf. It proved to be a great plan as it was a (relatively) warm evening and to sit outdoors by the river was much more special than staying indoors. Spencer and I chose to get the tube to the O2 so I picked an outfit suitable to hop across different underground lines. I wore my faux leather trousers with black pointed courts and a black top. All black? Well that's not particularly exciting, admittedly, but wait a moment I haven't got to the special sparkly va va voom item. The final piece of the Beyoncé concert puzzle was an entirely sequin Chanel-a-like jacket that was once my Mum's (I call her Mummy Muse now!). She bought this jacket from Phase Eight in 1995. Its amazing how these stand out pieces are so timeless. Sequins are surely a must when seeing the sparkliest singer in showbiz? It was the perfect choice. 

The evening was divine and yes she was spectacular as expected. Nothing disappointed. I think it is fair to say that we particularly enjoyed the old school songs, you can't beat a good dose of nostalgia. On the way out I did succumb to some merchandise and got a Beyoncé t-shirt. I will be wearing it soon in a blog post near you. 

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