How I wear my Beyoncé tour T-shirt

If you're a regular reader you will know that I was lucky enough to see Beyoncé at the 02 in London recently. I am always tempted by merchandise (because obviously I have an addiction to all sorts of clothing)  but often it's a bit... tour-ie! By which I mean it is just a picture of whichever star on a very standard T-shirt with their tour dates on the back (I have a Rihanna one just like this). However Beyoncé's were a bit  more interesting. Some cool pictures of her on softer more stylish T-shirts. So I chose this one because it isn't immediately obvious who it is adding interest, I love the colour spectrum and I love the fierceness in her eyes. This post is simply demonstrating how concert T-shirts don't have to stay in the confines of your pyjama draw and the power of a great T! 

I went with the hint of pink in the T-shirt and made it modern and night time appropriate with these fresh heels! They're from Aldo and I love the pop of hot pink. To top it off they're the shoe shape of the moment. (Can you tell I like them?) Working with the pink vibe I painted my nails the same colour. 

Beyoncé oozes cool so I let her do the talking for me and kept the rest pretty simple. Plain black skinny jeans  allowed the awesome image to shine. She is not adverse to a little bling so I couldn't resist accessorizing with at least one piece of jewellery. I went for an earring in homage as the main girl herself loves to don chandeliers in her ears most of the time. 

I bought these earrings from Camden market about 7 years ago which just goes to show that style is timeless. They are one of my favourite pairs of earrings in the world and pack just enough of a punch to finish of this look. Please excuse this picture I can only say that Beyoncé does crazy things to your inner diva! 

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