How to achieve glowing skin on holiday

When you are busy tanning it can be easy to neglect your skin's needs. Basking in the sun and dips in the pool take their toll. High temperatures can also make you feel swollen and lethargic. As I spend a month in the sunny state of Florida I have created a list of tips that will prevent flaky skin and cankles. 

I saw this in passing and found it intriguing. Upon my first trial I found that it gave my skin a great glow instantly. There is no tanning help in it but because it is oil not your standard white moisturiser it gives an almost photoshop-ed finish. However it deserves warning that it is oil so be careful what you wear or sit on immediately after. Equally it makes for slippery hands. But it doesn't really bother me because I love this spray on Beauty Oil's aesthetic merits.
This has similar characteristics to the Beauty Oil above. It gives an attractive finish that no one will reject when in a bikini! It's waterproof which is a must for sun protection because in the Orlando heat I need to cool off in our pool. However it does warrant reapplication once more if spending all day in the sun. 

I bought this in Malaysia on holiday last year when I was a little more rouge than brown. I use it just like aftersun. The aloe vera seems to work like magic to ease any burn. I've been more sensible this time around and thankfully haven't been caught out without my sun protection however I'm still using this every 3rd night just to rejuvenate my skin. I am determined not to peel. 

Speaking of peeling, if the dreaded process does begin it is best to bite the bullet and get rid of it rather than trying to mend it. I used to think copious amounts of moisturisers, gels, aftersuns and drinking enough water would unwind the damage. It doesn't. Get a great exfoliator like this one from Burts and Bees and just scrub off that peeling skin. The sooner you do it the sooner you will be able to even out your skin tone. Just make sure that you take extra care protecting the newly revealed patches of skin from the sun as it is more sensitive and vulnerable to damage.

So the Beauty Oil I first spoke of is great on your body but very few skin types want to have oil applied to their faces directly. For your face I can't recommend enough the Protect & Perfect range from No7. I have been using it since October. There is a Day Cream and Night Cream. The distinction is that the Night Cream is stronger and thicker which you won't want to wear on your skin in the day especially not when you'll most likely want to apply make up. The Day Cream is obviously lighter and absorbs quicker allowing even application of foundation and powder afterwards. The Beauty Serum is gentle and subtle but it smooths out any inconsistencies in your skin. I have been using it instead of a primer before make up.  

Dragging a razor across skin that's been in the sun all day does not sound appealing. Nor does spikey ungroomed legs especially when they're exposed the majority of the time in sunnier climates. Keep well groomed and maintain shaving-rash-less skin by using removal cream. I chose to buy the pump bottle for convenience during application. For a smooth and reliable finish I recommend this hair removal product.

 Every day whether on holiday or not we need to drink plenty of water. My mum always says that moisturiser can only work in the short term but for a more effective way of hydrating your skin work from the inside out. Hydrated skin is so beautiful and your skin will be more thirsty than ever in high temperatures. Remember: Water water water!!! 

I've been wearing very little make up on holiday because it is a great opportunity to let your skin breathe when in the sun. A little sun tan helped me feel confident to go without. To stop me looking totally unkempt I had eyelash extensions applied prior to my holiday. They keep me feeling at least a little bit glamorous when by the pool and are such a time saver that I can spend more time out enjoying America rather than behind the mirror. If you want eyelash extensions before your holiday and live in Surrey, Middlesex or SW London visit This lovely selfie was taken en route to the gym out here in Orlando rocking the make up free look. 

The few make up products I have been using are perfectly holiday appropriate. I actually bought this Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in duty free five years ago and it is still going strong. I mainly use it in the summer as a golden highlighter/blusher across the top of my cheekbones and also select two to three colours to blend as eye shadows. 

The second make up item I still use even in the heat are these phenomenal Chubby Sticks by Clinique. Santa delivered these babies in my stocking and I am addicted. They are smooth and creamy so don't dry your lips out like I find most proper lipsticks do. They are also more balmy therefore although their colour is visible its not so distinct that meticulous application is necessary. In fact they are easy and usable on the go making for another perfect fuss-free holiday beauty product. 

Finally to prevent your hands and feet feeling swollen from the heat and to minimise the colossal amount of holiday weight it seems I am doomed to gain, at this rate, it is important to do some sort of exercise if you can. I have bought a seven day gym pass at Gold's gym. As much as I love to be active I am on holiday to overindulge and relax so instead of having to dig deep and find some of my own will power I have partaken in classes. By doing classes you have a group of people around you that gives automatic encouragement, it is a great way to meet people and if you're as lucky as me you might discover a new form of exercise that you'll fall in love with. Go for it and try something new! 

With these pointers you are all set to focus on enjoying your holiday instead of how to keep your skin looking and feeling great. Where are you going this summer? Have you used any of these before?
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