Russell Brand rehearses "Messiah Complex" in London

Two days before the final two exams of my degree I felt it appropriate to watch some live comedy. Whether this decision was sound or not it served to be a great evening. Meeting for a drink first, my divine friend Lily and I headed to the Lyric Theatre to watch Mr. Russell Brand speak uninhibitedly about his upcoming world tour the Messiah Complex. Russell was hilarious, thought provoking and as usual somewhat controversial. 

It was a lovely summery-ish evening, sort of, well for English standards. Regardless, it certainly was lovely. The trousers I wore I bought from Topshop without even trying them on because I just knew I loved them! They are so light and casual looking yet the material and great draping makes them slightly more dressy. This awesome short sleeved sweatshirt is from Zara and I picked it up in Paris intending to wear it to the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate which I sadly never made it to. The blazer is also Zara but from the men's section. It's size Small yet still a little oversized which I sort of love. It hints towards the Balmain shoulder shape that is so of the moment. By rolling up the sleeves (about four times!) it appears to fit me. Lace heels are from Office and are comfortable and cool enough to wear from afternoon drinks through to the evening. My bag is black patent and like some amazing Mary Poppins contraption by Salvatore Ferragamo. 

I am now in Florida for four weeks and wearing all those clothes on a "summers evening" seems far-fetched and other worldly when here it sits at 20 degrees minimum in the evenings. Lots of summer outfit posts will be on their way from the U.S. of A. 

Russell here is making his way through the crowd of fans to his get away car after his show. I've just realised we were both wearing super cool black trousers and white tops. Monochrome minds think alike. 

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