What Lucy Watson and I wore to a PA

Going to personal appearances with my girlfriend Lucy Watson (you might have seen her on Made In Chelsea) is always a little strange because we rarely know what the club is going to be like. To play it safe we tend not to get overly dressed up. I indulged the oriental trend while Luce embraced the panelling trend on this particular appearance. 

My strapless top is actually completely covered in tassels on the front and part of the back. The tassels are full loops and remind me of the flapper dressers from the 20s. They also wore kimonos and fur stoles then too. So I used the top as the basis of my oriental/old school glamour look. Simplified it is just jeans, heels and a flirty top which made it perfect for keeping me comfortable depending on the potential style of the club. It also, if you look closer, nodded toward an oriental feel prominent in the style stakes at the moment. I bought this kimono over a year ago from Monsoon of all places. It's so light and easy to wear as well as different to anything my friends have. The stole is/was actually my mum's and I used to tease her about wearing it. I thought it was hideous and now I am totally obsessed with it! Naughty fashion hypocrite!

Here's Lucy being cheeky in the club. She wore this cute mini-dress that was a perfect balance of club appropriate, not too dressed up and on trend. Lucy looked comfortable which helps one to be confident which is the most attractive accessory above a shoe, bag or otherwise. 

This guy, Joey, here has launched an e-cigarette style shisha stick. Check out @official_shisha on twitter for more information. I enjoyed a pineapple flavour while Lucy had cherry. The sticks themselves actually last for ages and are fine to smoke indoors. Mmm... delicious!

Ooh rose and white champagne at once... Lovely!

 Here I am enjoying my pineapple shisha. All in all, both Lucy and I felt comfortable in our outfits despite not knowing what on earth the club was like. My kimono and fur stole were especially great because I could cover up and keep warm while equally they were easy to slip off and show some skin while having a little dance. 

The evening is a fun time to try out a trend you hadn't thought to before because when the sun goes down anything goes! 

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