Bahamas Outfit Post 1: Cobalt Blue and Cool White

One short and horrendous flight later (screaming children and the aftermath of Miami) we arrived in the ridiculously beautiful Bahamas. A nap by the pool helped. Unpacking, yet again, and slipping on this light summery dress we headed out to the famous "Fish Fry" for with out a doubt the best fish in the Caribbean!

Before we departed for dinner I had a moment to jump online... little did i know I blended into the curtains of our hotel room! Is coordinating to that degree a severe fashion faux pas or fabulosity? Either way it was very funny!

Swimming every day was lovely and a much needed form of refreshment but my hair didn't appreciate it. Therefore whenever I could resist I tried not to use any heat appliances on it. I rarely wear my hair naturally curly without giving it a little extra help with some tongs. However in the Bahamas it was actually enjoyable embracing what nature gave me! I added some Pantene strong hold mousse when it was still wet to make the curls last and avoid a lack lustre and limp 'do.

I am wearing a Zara dress I picked up in Orlando and Zara heels I bought at home last summer with my Michael Kors watch, blue Links bracelet and lipstick by Dior. The dress is particularly easy to wear in extreme heat because it drapes loose and low to the side with a convenient sheer white under layer to maintain modesty. With just a lick of lipstick and a splash of perfume off I skipped for food.

Here we are immersing ourselves in authentic Bahamian food. Delicious! I think its so important to try local food when you travel. It is also better to invest money in local businesses than chains. Although that doesn't mean I am capable of resisting Starbucks the world over. Hey, I'm only human!

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