Florida Outfit Post 2: Strap-Back Story

I've been in Miami and am now in Bahamas and have only just got the chance to edit some outfit posts. It is so strange looking at these pictures from the beginning of my holiday compared to ones I took last night. My skin colour has changed somewhat! Nevertheless this is where we are up to in the sartorial story.

I bought both the strap back cap and the stripe-sleeve top out here in Orlando. The strap back was but  a mere day old in the shop, so I was told. Guess I've got good taste then!? I just really like the neutral colours because then I can throw it on with any look. Case in point here, it goes really well with my top. The black stripe down the sleeve gives it a go faster sporty feel that teamed with the cap gives an American baseball vibe. To avoid being too sports orientated I roughed it up with these ripped studded shorts I got back at home from Urban Outfitters. Shades are Ray-Bans (and they're new so I'm totally attached!), sandals are Jimmy Choo and the bag is Chanel. The look is easy, comfortable and kept me cool outside, while warm inside under the extremities of severe air conditioning.


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