Florida Outfit Post 3: 4th July in Miami

After a day of sunbathing on South Beach I'm a little pink here... But you have to understand it was 4th July which meant I was outdoors and bikini clad all day. Independence Day is kind of a big deal in America. We began celebrating by hiring a bed on South Beach which is where the drinks started flowing. We went over to a pool party where there were booty shaking competitions, salutes to those that have represented their country in war and everyone was 90% nakey. It was a great experience to celebrate this day in Miami of all places. 

This is where we began our day being total sun-lushes on the white beds. We made some friends on the beach but I think they were using us for Spencer's Bose speakers! Nevertheless the beach party ended when we left... with the speakers.

Here I am 4th July appropriate in a red and white striped bikini. Check out my fabulously winged sunglasses. I got these for $12 from a mall in Orlando and prefer wearing them on the beach than my designer pairs because sand, salt water and wind do not bode well for the expensive ones. Also check out my nails in the bikini snap I'm peace-ing in. I got them painted blue with a white stripe down the centre and my fourth finger red. This was obviously for today but I thought it was a slightly less clich├ęd way of enjoying the combination of festivities and nail art than an actual American flag.

Keeping in theme I changed for the evening into a Topshop body-con bandage skirt in cobalt blue with this Reiss silk cross over top. The pop of red was incorporated with the colour of my legs my lipstick. I chose wedges (in fact for the majority of nights out in Miami) because we were on our feet partying from restaurants to bars to a club for sometimes over ten hours. That's a long time even for the most devoted of heel wearers. They also draw in the blue and white and keep the look feeling summery with a bold floral print.

Ear cuffs have long been on the scene. I prefer the high end ornate ones than those on the highstreet however this one from urban outfitters caught my eye. I kept the rest of my jewellery simply and let the earcuff shine. It was a fun way to make more of a statement of an ordinary ponytail too.

After getting changed we headed back to the same place that hosted the pool party and went to the roof terrace to watch the numerous firework displays across Miami. Windy but beautiful, it was awesome! From there we headed to a club called Story where we partied the night away...

Oh and I met Fat Joe!!

As my long holiday draws to an end I will be posting all my favourite outfits from my American travels so keep your eyes on HanJanRan if you want to see what I wore from Orlando to Bahamas and Miami in-between. 

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