Bahamas Outfit Post 2: The Crop Top is on top

Despite it being utterly impossible to avoid them it has taken me a while to be totally convinced by Crop Tops. I previously thought that there are a minute few that can pull them off and that they look better in the pages of magazines rather than in reality. However I have recently given them a go and really loved the overall look. MYO Fashion kindly sent me a load of clothes before I headed off to America and Bahamas and this soft long sleeved white Crop Top is one of the pieces I received. The juxtaposition of long sleeves on a Crop Top interests me. Also the casual attitude of simple cotton makes the top less contrived. 

The night I lost my Crop Top virginity I teamed the said item with a high waisted skirt that includes lots of summery colours as well as under-the-sea inspired print that suits the location. The high waisted skirt meant I got to indulge a current trend while keeping true to myself and not baring anymore skin than I would normally (the long sleeves help this too). The skirt's gentle layers and pleats make for a flattering silhouette that is all the more important with a Crop Top. The skirt and heels are both from Zara. The clutch is by Sportsgirl bought in Australia. MYO Fashion offer this crop top in a whole range of colours; I already have it in black too and am probably going to stock up on other colours before the summer months end. To get your hands on your own super cool yet comfortable crop top click here and there is no reason not to when they are just £9.99!!

The item of the moment, the Crop Top, stands strong against Bahamian Street Art
A photograph I took before our food arrived that looks more like a painting. 

I kept my hair out of the way by simply using hair spray predominantly behind my ears but also on top and then gently combed it back for a fresh faced finish. I enjoyed yet another beautiful evening in the Bahamas and felt current yet still comfortable in my fabulous Crop Top. Click here to check out other colours.

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