Florida Outfit Post 4: We're in Miami Trick

 After our beyond beautiful week in the Bahamas that included volleyball in the pool, a lot of Rice'n'Peas, making friends with a starfish and even feeding sharks we flew back into Miami. At this point we were supposed to jump back in the car and head back to Orlando however we couldn't resist the bright lights and ended up staying another three nights. On our last full day in Miami, prior to the Bahamas, we made some friends at Nikki Beach and they kindly had us stay in their insanely cool penthouse in the heart of Miami city. These photographs were taken on their balcony where you can literally see the whole expanse of the land of loud music, loud cars and loud outfits. 

This dress is from MYO fashion who as you will know if you read my last post about losing my Crop Top virginity (if you haven't click here) kindly sent me some fabulous pieces from their summer collection that are all still available on their online shop. This dress was the piece I wanted the most simply because I love the print so much. It reminds me of Japanese cartoon drawings and has an urban vibe while still being an explosion of colour. The fit of the dress is figure hugging which is fun when going out at night but not overwhelming because it has a high neckline and isn't too short. Bear in mind I am 5'10 and it still finishes just above the knee. I wore it here with some plain black courts and a pop of bright pink lipstick. Next time I wear it in London I think I will scrape my hair back and wear big black platforms for a more dangerous and exciting look that suits the punkiness of the dress.

When I told MYO fashion how excited I was about this dress in particular they told me that it constantly sells out whenever they sell it in America so it seemed suitable that for my first go in it I was in the big ol' U.S. of A. To get your hands on this dress or others with equally fabulous but different prints head to www.myofashion.co.uk now! Or for this dress in particular click here to go straight to it. 

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