Florida Outfit Post 5: Hotel Hussy

There was 14 minutes until our parking was up. It was happy hour in the hotel lobby. We were elated from just having got tattoos. We flipped a coin. It landed on heads. 

Heads meant we stayed. And so we did. The indecisive couple that had trouble leaving Miami booked in for their third different room in the same hotel. With a glass of wine in hand I jumped into the shower wanting to spend minimal time getting ready so I could get back out into the city and enjoy our (third) last night (we promised ourselves we would leave the next day!

 This fringe top / poncho is heavy and suede and delicious. I bought it in December from Zara and have been waiting to have a bit of a tan, some sunshine and a big night out. The suede fringe stars aligned so I threw this on over a bikini top. A pop of colour via these BCBG Maxazria shorts lifts the overall look and actually inadvertantly gives more attention to the top. If I had worn black on my bottom half it would have blended in and not shone half as much.The wedges have black and colour so tie both pieces together. More importantly they are capable of carrying me through from dinner to drinks to club and home!

Ooh! Can you spot a new tattoo there?
Off I went, dancing into the night. And oh what a night it was!

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