Miley Cyrus' new video "Wrecking Ball" - Style Review

Ooh Miley certainly wants to get us talking, doesn't she? Well, it's working. To be fair... Madonna has done it, Lady GaGa has done it... Miley's doing it. Iconography is made up from a mix of controversy, originality, relevance and sensationalism. In terms of fashion, if you know the photographer Terry Richardson (he shoots models, celebrities and himself in a raw, highly sexualised way) then you won't be surprised that he made this video. Equally, with the 90s being such a prominent trend at the moment Miley is successfully coveting it. She is totally of the moment, totally not Disney. You can't blame the girl for wanting to shed that persona. White undies and a white tank with no bra will do that, thrusting a foam hand and licking a sledge hammer helps too. The Doc Martens are fabulous, obviously, they're DMs. The styling (does it count as styling if its two pieces of white cotton!?) is so now. It may sound ridiculous but wearing the underwear high up on her hips is so 90s... think of Cindy Crawford and the like on swimwear shoots. You will covet the 90s trend this winter too, albeit it's likely to be via a bit of tartan, a polo-neck or a loafer but just because Miley's doing it in pants and  a vest doesn't make it any less on trend! 

See? Cindy Crawford in the 90s.

 These three photos are from Miley's photoshoot with Terry Richardson. The pictures were released before the video. So if you didn't know of his work before you now understand why I described it the way I did.

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