New York Fashion Week S/S 14 Post 1

New York kicks of Fashion Month with an abundance of spectacular shows. Despite not being there it is still all consuming. I will be reviewing a number of shows over the coming weeks and picking out stand out looks that will translate into wearable trends come next season. Interestingly though, you don’t have to wait until spring to try all of these trends. To successfully emulate some of looks already being shown in New York it simply takes some clever styling. 

BCBG Maxazria is known for being cool with forward thinking takes on wearable clothes. They excelled this season. The runway was struck with utilitarian yet inextricably feminine looks. Loose draping fabrics looked chic because of the immaculate cut and the spunky attitude that comes with such a piece. It just goes to show that it doesn’t take stiff, restricting, “classic” clothes to look sophisticated. This line has appeal to younger fashionistas as well as a modern woman slightly later in life. You know something is going to sell well when you argue with your Mum over who gets to buy it.

Organic by John Patrick gave an eclectic line which that had some looks continuing the theme I adored so much from BCBG. …But! The appeal of the modern seriously fresh looks was complicated by throwing in some 90s looks with cardigans and skirts (still cute in their own way) and some particularly confusing ruffles and bows. The great looks were phenomenal but the theme got lost somewhere along the way leaving a collection that doesn’t seem to know its own identity.

 Okay so clearly there’s a theme emerging already as, drum roll please, we have more “clean lines”. This time from Robert Rodriguez the fresh looks were made more special with interesting inserts of mesh panels. The predominantly monochrome collection will carry you from boardroom to bar to black tie and back. This take on the minimalist chic is somewhat more fierce and intense, in a good way. A few intersperses of powder blue and cream add interest to the mix. However I am not a fan of this billowing shirt, despite enjoying the injection of colour and sheer panels. To wear this colour on your legs I wouldn’t recommend doing it via spray on jeggings/jeans? A well cut tailored cigarette pant would be much more flattering. Over all, the fierce attitude definitely has appeal and is a big indication to where trends are being directed.

 My stand out collection that’s been sent down the runway at Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week so far is from Honor. No urban minimalism here, people. Dramatic collars, strong silhouettes and sharp pointed shoes made an unforgettable impression. There is an air of preppiness but it isn’t in a cutesy way. It is girly by all means but it is strong. You won’t be missed or forgotten in one of these outfits. There’s a bit of a Prada vibe with the colour palette of the floral pieces, a bit of Stella with the sheer polka dots and a bit of Marc Jacobs just generally. The obvious recommendation would be to describe this as work wear. And it is, of course, work appropriate. However don’t limit this look to Monday – Friday, 9-5. Without wearing anything garish you can stand out from your friends in such immaculate and powerful looks. They have a current casualness but are so well styled that you’ll be totally chic.

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