Strictly Fashion: I attended Julien Macdonald's fashion show

As I'm sure you're all well aware, fashion month is in full swing. It has been hard to miss whether you're interested in fashion or not. I presume if you are reading my blog that you are interested in fashion... So I will continue to get into the nitty gritty of attending one of the most glamorous shows executed in London. 

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend Julien Macdonald's show. He's either a duracel bunny or totally bonkers to embark on Strictly Come Dancing and put on the grandest of shows that is a fashion one. Regardless, he pulled it off. With plenty of glitz and glamour that would rival the BBC set on a Saturday night. 

Upon arrival at Goldsmith's Hall in St. Paul's the grand staircase was covered in flowers and scented candles with a mood appropriate and fabulously dressed harp player. Julien isn't known for low-key, that's for sure, and he didn't disappoint  The atrium smelled di-viiine. Upstairs we trotted to be met with fruity cocktails and incredibly handsome men offering chocolates. Waiting, people watching and sip-sip-sipping we all mingled together in a high-ceilinged room. Paps took photographs of the strictly cast members that attended (from Abbey Clancy to Vanessa Feltz). I watched. 

Finally it was time to make our way to where the show would take place. Admittedly I was near a speaker but the music was overwhelmingly loud (how old am I?). It was interesting to see how the FROW pictures are taken. There's absolutely no nonchalance about it. A heard of photographers gather closer than a metre from the chosen ones and then click and flash for 10-15 minutes. Paloma Faith, Eliza Doolitle, Anna Kendrick, Pixie Lott, Laura Whitmore, Katie Melua, Rosie Fortescue and Abbey Clancy to name but a few of the star studded crowd. Twenty minutes or so after the time the show was supposed to start, it did. 

A mirrored catwalk (see my leopard print boots above) was revealed to make way for an array of jaw-dropping, glamorous and sophisticatedly sensual gowns. There was a lot of loose crochet or sheer panelling down the sides of the dresses that hinted at nudity. Iridescent skin, sequins and other detailing glimmered in the lights. The desired "flow" of some of the dresses was lost because the seriously slippery catwalk and skyscraper stilettos meant there were almost a few casualties for the models. 

Simple hair and make up let these ornate pieces do the talking. Julien's show proved that to look seductive you don't have to bare a lot of flesh. Beautiful material can hint at nudity and leave a more flattering and mysterious impression. It was less farfetched but I can't help but use the word 'mermaid' when describing this collection. All in all, it was signature Julien, and it was delicious. 

After the show, a little more champagne was served, Julien was interviewed by many cameras as he thanked his beautiful guests. He had a quick chat with me and my gorgeous girlfriend who coincidently went to the same university as him. As his PR lady ushered him away he stayed a moment longer to converse before being whisked off in a puff of glitter, as only a tiny welsh fashion designer (/celebrity ballroom dancer) could. 

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