What is Art? Does it include fashion designers, photographers and popstars?

ART is a cultural, subjective umbrella that shields theatre, music, art, literature, poetry, film, dance and, yes, fashion. Why use the verb shields? Being 'ART' gives a license to take something to a new depth, a new realm, one that will most likely be met with distaste and criticism, however, if it pushes boundaries and makes us think, then isn't it worth it? The metaphorical 'umbrella' I write of, shields creators of ART from the paradigms of normality and allows them to formulate newness. It is important to continuously learn but not just through academia, through life and ART has the capability to expand and challenge our minds. You don't have to like it. But I do think you have to give it a go, try it, and evaluate it. You never know, you might find something you like that you wouldn't have come across if you stick to the thinks you already know you like. But on the same token, you don't have to like it at all.

Recently there have been a lot of moments in pop culture that have shocked and caused disdain. Media and put out members of the public or those who are just somewhat intrigued have persisted to discuss said events continuously. So being shocking and attention grabbing has its merits if you want people to sit up and take a look at what you're doing. Marc Jacobs has certainly done well in terms of captivating us with his latest show. I urge you, if you haven't already please watch this. Not only is it featuring a divine collection that I predict will spark many a trend and followings but has taken existing trends to an interesting next level. Take the denim mania that is currently in full swing. To wear the most current of the moment boyfriend cut, or shredded jeans I felt styling had to be swayed to a more day time, urban, or perhaps "smart/funky/casual" but probably wouldn't cut it for evening. Well Marc says "no". Check out the denim looks in here and you'll want to wear it to a drinks party this weekend, trust me. This is just one example. Furthermore the execution of this piece of ART, that is this show, is just phenomenal. It is breathtakingly beautiful, well-orchestrated and jaw dropping. For those that don't get the point of fashion shows, or think they're easy because they're over in 10 minutes, think again. This demonstration of creativity will be talked about for decades. It will inspire. Take a look...

Another controversy that has overwhelmed the globe is Miley Cyrus. Miley in general is a topic of concern for the majority. Here you'll see her frolicking with fashion photographer Terry Richardson. Music crosses over with Fashion; it's all ART. Terry Richardson is provocative, (repetitive in my eyes) and extremely controversial, but he's different. He's pushing a boundary. Miley is pushing a boundary. They're being noticed and talked about and making us think about a figurative line which many think they have crossed, while others don't. The sensationalism isn't hurtful or dangerous but it gets a debate going about what is appropriate which encourages thought, discussion, subjectivity and engagement.   

Last week Rihanna unveiled probably the raciest music video of hers to date. It caused quite a stir. In it she performs her song 'Pour it up' as a stripper. Strippers are a fact of reality. Like that fact or hate that fact, it has been pushed to the forefront of popculture lovers' minds. It is a poignant issue and one that should be discussed and regulated and kept as safe as possible, so isn't it positive that we are all talking about it? Equally the video signifies danger, naughtiness, and to some, is sexy. These are characteristics we have come to associate with the bajan pop star. It is a titillating video that will draw curious individuals in. It has already gotten people talking and with more youtube hits, more single sales, who wins? Rihanna wins. "All I see is dollar signs, Money on my mind" she sings in the song, well it's working. Those whining about the racy content don't win. You can see why it might be hard to stop a 20 something young woman from performing in this way. I find the video a bit boring if I'm honest. I'm missing some seri-us fashawn from RiRi. It's hard to call fishnet tights and different lingerie 'outfit inspiration'. Nevertheless I like that its different but it would have been cooler if the stripper thing was just one part of a deeper video. Regardless of my opinion or your opinion, Rihanna pushed a boundary through her ART form; music. Whether Rihanna is doing it to create ART or to line her "pockets deep they never end" with even more cash, I don't know. 

...See. It got people talking. Including Annie Lennox. 

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The first and last images are from the film "Mona Lisa Smile" staring Julia Roberts.

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