Anna Dello Russo and I have same disney vision

Georgia May Jagger and Chihara star in Anna Dello Russo's disney dream in April's Vogue Japan. Russo is known for her committed head to toe looks. Never shy of a theme in her dressing there is little wonder that she excellently styles high fashion and of the moment pieces in a fun but thorough theme. Last summer I hit the amusement parks in Orlando, Florida during mine and Spencer's month long holiday. I, too, love a theme. I do not get excited for fancy dress but if I'm working a look, I'm going to go for it. So this is my take on "Orlando-Theme-Park-In-Plus-40-Degree-Weather". I think Spencer and I fit in perfectly with Georgia and Chihara. Anna would be proud.

I am wearing polka dot top from Topshop, distressed black denim shorts with studs down the side from Urban Outfitters, Minnie ears from The Disny Store and awesome polka dot winged shades that I got for $8!!! From Macys or some other department store. I am obsessed with sunglasses but normally only buy high end however I could not resist these gems, cute aren't they? And they work so well with my Minnie inspired look here. Spencer's are Prada.

P.S. Look at the size of that Turkey Leg!

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