Flat fetish

There's a feeling of elevated chic-ness (that's a technical term) when you slip on a pair of heels. It's scientific. Your posture improves and with that, whether its obvious or not, a strut sets in. But what happens when the most fashion forward footwear of the moment is flat? Well some may say that this is a welcomed relief and both your pedicurist and physiotherapist would agree but the doorman at the west end club you ended up at after work drinks doesn't care - "If you're not wearing heels, you're not getting in." 

You've probably seen these Celine pool sliders everywhere but get ready for the mass of high street imitations about to bombard the shelves. Isn't the irony of socks and sandals  having turned from the indisputable visual offence of all time to obtaining major fashion kudos absolutely awesome? This is a look for the brave because it does go against what we've intrinsically known since before we could tie up our own shoe laces. Nevertheless get ready for a spring and summer full of this look. Pedicures at the ready when worn barefoot (this is the version I will be werking).  

 The Givenchy version. Ricardo only put the models in flats for this SS14 show. How kind and comfy?

 Last summer these Chanel espadrilles were worn by every blogger going. They're cute. 

I prefer these petrol Celines. Can you say 'licious?

Want a little more edge and individuality? Be ahead of the curve and get these Roksanda Ilincic beauty booties on your tootsies. 

And finally the Valentino pointed pumps that are more evening appropriate than their predecessors in this post. There is an elevated level of sophistication and glamour with these shoes. But even so, do their exact sophistication and glamour scores out-do their heeled equivalents? Well, let's just say, they wouldn't get you into the club. "If you're not wearing heels, you're not getting in." "Even if my flats are Valentino!?" "No".

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