Braids are Bad Ass

Here is an example of a trend that isn't born from the fleeting and exasperating exit a model takes onto the runway, pre-meditated for 9 months prior. This is the sort of trend, that isn't actually a trend at all. It's more of a style. French plaits used to have terrible connotations to me, firstly the girls that wore them down to their waists at boarding school were more commonly known as dinosaurs (cruel but fitting) and, secondly, my arms aching as I taught myself while swinging on a chair in the back of Miss Massey's maths class. 

Today I werk it slightly differently to my disobedient / dunse hat days. My favourite take on this style is to wear two french plaits in a sport-luxe way. Drop earrings expected for night time but donned bright and early prevent it from looking like I should be back in school uniform. To add an edge I take some tips from streetwear and throw on a sweatshirt and trainers. For extra points go colour clashing with a bold lipstick. 

Tips for the plait themselves: Do it well or don't do it at all. A dodgy braid is most undesirable. When teamed with a preppy look I think it's best to go for a more scruffy finish so once completed let a few strands free and gently rough up (oxymoron alert) so as not to lose the impressiveness of a good plait. 

For urban / streetwear or sports luxe looks pristine plaits work well because the juxtapose the rest of the outfit. I got lots of compliments for mine the other day and a great smugness because not everyone can do a great braid. I kept mine in at the gym and it made me feel a bit more awesome in my kit as well as acting as a very practical keep-my-hair-out-of-my-face hairstyle. Feel free to experiment with different versions but I say keep them a bit more "I snuck out from my dorm" than School Prefect. 

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