Bite: '2 Passos' Fish Restaurant in the Algarve

Having not visited the Algarve for seven years there was a fraction of reminiscing but mainly I got to experience new and wonderful places. Apart from a break from work and being with such an awesome group of friends, the best part of my time in Portugal was that those I stayed with have been going for many years and therefore know all the most phenomenal restaurants. The first of the many that they took me to is this by-the-sea fish restaurant on stilts. It bodes well when a fish restaurant is but 45 seconds walk from the ocean. Fresh comes to mind, and that it was. It is called '2 Passos' and is just a ten minute drive from the Val do Lobo resort and Qunita do Lago. The address is Restaurante 2 Passos, Praia do Ancão, 8135-905 Vale do Lobo, Portugal. 
If a number of you fancy the same fish then you will be graced with one enormous specimen of the sea to delight over together. I shared a 4 person Sea bass with the boys. It isn't on the menu but I recommend also ordering the bean salad. The freshness of all the ingredients and expertise gone into cooking their famous fish makes for a memorable and special meal. It is also quite something to eat overlooking expanses of nature, both in the form of grass and water. We finished up with a round of Licor Beirão which not everyone had room for, so I saw it as an obligation to knock back three. I blame the Licor for my dancing down the wooden promenade (see below).
Indoors is a simple, wooden aesthetic with an obligatory lobster tank but is only necessary if the terrace is full. It is a must to make a reservation as it is a popular destination for those in the know - tourists and locals alike. I should advise that this restaurant is most suited for the kind of lunch that you can't understand where the hours went as apposed to a dinner.  Infact you can't actually eat there for an evening meal, more to the point. This is mainly because of the unobstructed view of the ocean, which you need the sun to have not yet set to appreciate, obviously!
After a feed to be envious of we set off along the coast for some sangria in the sun! After our sangria and cocktails and stroll in the sand we headed just a moment further along the coast to Val do Lobo's praca for a bottle of white wine and a side of nostalgia. I used to frequent those very same bars as an ostentatious and outrageous fifteen and sixteen year old. As I lay back enjoying the sun on my skin, in bars I got to know in my teens, with friends and my boyfriend, all of whom I hadn't even met back then, I felt very aware of how fast time passes. 
Call +351 289 396 435 to make reservations at '2 Passos'. P.S. I just googled what Passos means and it means steps. 2 steps from the ocean? 2 steps up to the terrace? Who knows but Ciara wants her dance move back.
I wore: Top: Topshop, Shorts: BCBG Max Azria, Sunglasses: Prada, Shoes: Birkenstock, Cardigan: Zara

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