Do: Wear a Bright Colour

It's not consistently warm yet, at least not in London where I am writing from. There are bursts of joyous sunshine sporadically, but it is unreliable. And yet we are in the month of May so I refuse to wait any longer to dress summery. Keep warm with layers, but entice that fiery ball of UV goodness out from behind the clouds with an alluring colour palette. It's also good for the soul to wear bright colours, I'm convinced! When wearing this jumper, that is so orange the colour bounced off onto my face decisively, not one person could resist commenting and complementing the ostentatious but irresistibly smiley colour. Try being grumpy in a bright hue, I dare you.

Jumper: Zara, Shoes: Birkenstock, Sunglasses: Loewe

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