Go: Visit Another City this bank holiday

It is the season of bank holidays here in the UK. Some may frequent their local watering hole, others may want to clean out their wardrobes, but I suggest a divine day trip as a truly enjoyable way to spend that extra day off work. Spencer and I have opposite schedules so it was also a really great opportunity to have a whole day together, and what better way to spend it than to go on a little adventure? Coffee and snacks in tow, the train journey whizzed by in a flash of conversation and people watching. I grabbed a map at the station but it sat at the bottom of bag until being recycled a week later. It was one of those spectacular days where the freedom of no time restraints or expectations makes way for serious fun to be had. And so it was. So choose a destination, ours was Brighton, jump on the train and race each other on an arcade motorcycle. If you're anything like me, you'll come home with sore cheeks from laughing, a full belly from naughty delights, a horse throat from talking to much... oh and a fresh load of gorgeous memories. 

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