Wear: Holiday Attire by Michael Kors in Portugal

I recently went on a beautiful 4 night trip to The Algarve in Portugal. It was filled with a lot of fabulous food, devastatingly divine wine and the best possible company. The first night consisted of clothes we wore on the plane and a hearty meal served as we stepped into the extensive villa (thank goodness, t'was much needed!). After sleeping off the journey (all 2 and a half hours of it!) the first day consisted of lying by the pool with cocktails only. Spot me in the shot of the villa below! Before the sun began to set friends of the family I stayed with came to break bread with us. For an evening centred around feasting on a delicious dinner and getting to know new people I wore this easy, loose fitting Michael Kors shirt dress. Despite being by an American designer this is an assuringly European style. The bright colour is the perfect accompaniment for sundowners and sunset. My necklace, from J Crew, matched perfectly for this summer look and the white birkenstocks are my absolute loves of the season. More blingy gold jewellery could take this from effortless and stylish (if I do say so myself) to the other kind of European permatan-sugardaddy-sleazy-southoffrance-goldgoldgold vibe, ya know? Which incidentally I love once in a while but wasn't the desired finish for this evening. Anyway, these photos were shot from the roof top of the villa, and there are a few of the phenomenal view too. The villa itself is situated totally alone on the top of a hill with a plethora of heavenly beaches and excellent restaurants but a short drive away. All of which I frequented, of course, and will be sure to write about in the coming posts. 

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