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I discovered this brand by picking up a flyer in one of my favourite healthy cafés 'Moosh'. This actually raises a really excellent tip because if you're somewhere you feel intone with, look out for new discoveries that might be in the form of advertisements or flyers because they will more than likely complement the place that you love and therefore you! Anyway, I visited the website a few days later www.iamvibes.co.uk to find an awesome street wear brand with a hugely spiritual sentiment - right up my street! The Hamsa has been portrayed with further geometric design in representation of the founder, Tom Hardless', desire to deposit good vibes back into the world. A great aesthetic all about positivity! What's not to love? And so I delved further into my new discovery.
Within the website there is a blog page and an Inspiration page where you get to meet the sorts of people that Tom acknowledges as personification of his brand. Many have had a major personal accomplishment and/or practice yoga as a matter of their lifestyle. As wonderful as the stories are, the clothes reflect them and so Tom's links between the people and the clothes truly work for the brand. All the clothes can be moved around in. The majority of items are unisex; no discrimination here! And they offer a consistent aesthetic that I'm sure you'll come back for more of. Their logo is the Hamsa, which is found most commonly among their prints, but they draw from crystals too. By explaining the meanings for each print the opportunity is given to you to develop a deeper connection with the sentiment of the clothing rather than just having material to cover your body.
So what is a Hamsa? This symbol actually predates Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It is used as a sign of protection from the evil eye and a bearer of good fortune. In almost all religions there is a slightly different use and interpretation of the Hamsa. Generally all understandings still appoint blessings, power, strength and protection as meanings of the five-fingered symbol. It can often be found in jewelry and wall hangings and so wearing the symbol on your I Am Vibes clothing works with these traditions.
Here are some of my favourite pieces. Check the whole website out for yourself and keep your eyes peeled on HanJanRan for some outfit posts with I Am Vibes pieces. 

Image of Silver Plate Beanie

All images are borrowed with love from www.iamvibes.co.uk

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