Bite: Casa do Lago, Portugal

On my final day in Portugal I got to experience yet another divine restaurant. This turned out to be my favourite place of the trip. The unfortunate part was that the airport was the final destination after this memorable lake-side dining experience. 
The Lake House, or Casa do Lago as it is actually known, made an impression on me. The food was phenomenal, the location and set up truly divine. I understand it has fairly recently been touched up. From the clean lines of the outside to the turquoise of the table side pool the feeling is persistently pure. 
I wore a lovely little summer dress that I bought from Zara this time last year in Orlando, Florida. It has two parts to it, a white tank shaped underpart and then the patterned over layer that has low scooping sides. The colour of the blue in the floral print is bright and a shade I, and evidently Casa do Lago, love. My necklace is particularly special, handmade in Bahamas. You'll notice in the photographs below that my outfit coordinated with the interiors of this exquisite eatery to a degree that may appear planned. Unfortunately I am neither that coordinated, nor that contrived. A coincidence I can only say proves my appreciation for the restaurant; we are in tune with one another.
Casa do Lago is in Quinta do Lago, just four kilometres from Vale do lobo. The fish is fresh, daily, and the menu suitable for all even if you don't want to pick your lobster fresh from the tank. I can confirm the cocktails are worth a slurp. If you're organised, or lucky, there is the option to sit against a glass wall on the water's edge. To reach the restaurant one must walk down a short beach laden promenade with water either side. Picturesque immediately, it continues to impress. At the beginning of this walk is a wooden drinking establishment, formally a volleyball pitch. Here we reclined in the sunshine after a bite of dessert for some sangria. Surrounded by water with a combined sunshine and sangria sensation in full swing, the next moment I was on an aeroplane to return to London. All good things must come to an end, apparently.

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