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In need of a great catch up, my friends and I had scheduled a girls' night. Friday nights in Central London are so heaving in the summer months that I thought it best to make reservations. You will know by now how much I adore and focus my life on trying new things, so off I set to trawl the internet in a bid to find something or somewhere fresh and exciting for us three to try. My search was for a wine bar that wouldn't rob us blind but offered a drink of interest. Also it needed to have some accessible munch, just in case the wine took over and we needed to fill our tummies! I quickly came across a decent looking wine bar and restaurant and as I went through their wine list picking out what I might order the following evening, low and behold, there it was listed, Orange Wine! Well, I had never heard of this! "I must try it immediately!"
Unable to make reservations for seats at the bar ("Duh Hannah!") they advised me to get there not too much past 18:00 if I wanted somewhere to perch. Thankfully I had some time off work at this time, so was able to arrive at Terroirs just off Trafalgar Square at quarter past the hour. Knowing my friends wouldn't be able to join me until gone 7 o'clock I contently took my book to read with the pleasurable accompaniment of a glass of Prosecco. A sensation of summer has taken over the capital and I happily lapped up the feeling. It's no secret that I am more than at ease with my own company and actually had a lovely 45 minutes with my Prosecco. Light and not very bubbly, it went down with great ease. 
As we waited for the final member of our trio to arrive I prolonged ordering my much anticipated Orange Wine. Just preempting her entrance a gentleman, at the far end of the long communal table we were sat at, sent down down glasses of the peculiar hued vino! Now that is evidence of The Law of Attraction if I ever had the pleasure of experiencing it. And so we drank!
The bottles... and bottles.. we were treated to sharing were called Massa Vecchia, Fabrizio Niccolaini from Toscana, in central Italy. I true lover of white wine, it really was a different experience. In fact we were explained that this colour of wine is what was originally drank before white and red were ever separated styles of wine. How is it orange? It is still produced from the beloved grape. However with a combination of techniques from white and red. It is technically a white wine as white grapes are used but the wine is produced using the red wine process! Et voila - a combination of the two resulting in a glorious, ostentatiously orange coloured wine. The taste combines elements of the two grapes, too, unsurprisingly. The lightness and fresh minerality of white combined with the tennin and fullness of red. There is an overwhelming citrus tone (I described as grapefruit-y) with a hoppyness and calmness all at once it is different, enjoyable, delicious and worth a try! 
Having all had the 'Friday-night-in-town' amount of wine that inevitably and yet unexpectedly causes a severe case of hunger, we left the gorgeous Terroirs. The next thing I know we have ordered a far too large platter of battered food at The Big Easy Bar.B.Q & Crabshack, Covent Garden. Well, that was a total contrast to the previous establishment we had visited! Nevertheless the atmosphere was buzzing, the margaritas were flowing and the chicken wings spicy and just how I like 'em. The evening was wonderful, London balmy and busy, and I got to indulge a number of favourites; trying something new with people I love and nourished with wine and wings. I especially love an evening like this where I can still make the last tube home. 

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