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The Foodies Festival is ever growing and currently offers itself to nine different locations. I recently attended a full day of eating and drinking in Twickenham. Its an outdoors affair filled with an array of  different cuisines and beverages. Thankfully the weather was kind and added to the positive atmosphere of the day. 
The difficulties of the great selections available are that the portions are hearty (yay!) but it prevents you from trying as many as your eyes and taste buds would like you to. I did manage to have bright and glorious tomato and bruschetta, half an unusually seasoned pulled pork bun, a pizza and many, many free singular ravioli pieces! The bruschetta is just wonderful and an absolute must from me. The pizza was overpriced but much needed after hours of wine tasting and cider trying. The pork wasn't what I was craving, the seasoning was different and intense, but interesting and satisfying all the same. The ravioli was superb and terribly moorish when you only get one piece at a time! My friends and I were sneaking up individually to get seconds, thirds, fourths; that's a high commendation in itself, eh?
Aside from food to eat then and there, cheese, olives, hummus, salami, beer, cider, wine etc can be taken home. There are also various theatres (/marquees) with demonstrations on food, wine and baking respectively hosted by experts of the field, including master chef alumni. Live music played out to the pic-nic people. A 
VIP tent offers Don Perignon among other drinks in a cool space with comfortable sofas for those who want to buy VIP tickets. 
The rows of alcoholic stands offered tasters and descriptions of the varying products on offer. From distinctively good wines, from a charming top hat wearing fella named "Squirrel", to sparkling flavoured vodka and pink gin, it is all going on at the Foodies Festival! After trying them all, purely in the name of research, we bought but one bottle of New Zealand red to wash down the pizza, before retiring off into the sunset for a festive bank-holiday-sunday evening elsewhere.
A truly glorious day out, that for a very reasonable ticket price is worth a visit. Tips: Take cash, the ATMs there charge. Don't eat before you go and get stuck in on what is on offer! 

Locations left to go this summer:
Clapham Common, London - June 6, 7 & 8
Bristol Harbourside - July 11, 12 & 13
Tatton Park, Chesire - July 18, 19 & 20
Edinburgh Inverleith Park - August 8, 9 & 10
FEAST at Battersea Park - August 15, 16 & 17
Oxford South Parks - August 23, 24 & 25
Ticket prices vary depending on location, an adult day ticket is roughly £10-£12. Buy yours here.

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