Go: To Prague And Spend The Night With James Dean

Evening one in Prague, (technically it was our second but the first consisted of cheese and bread and bed), and we went out to discover what this beautiful beer loving city has to offer in terms of a night life. Not knowing were we'd end up meant a careful choice of outfit. Comfort was important, there is inevitably walking involved. Looking and feeling comfortable is also reflected in your attitude, it gives off the opposite impression to someone in bodycon that's tugging at the tightness of their ensemble both down and out. I also wanted to look appropriate for the evening as apposed to the day. And thus this Holly Fulton dress (a gift from my fashion fairy godmother) with the sparkle of the black tiles and the loose fit provided itself as the perfect option. As for the birkenstocks, I just adore the silhouette it gives off with loose outfits, they aren't particularly evening appropriate, but whatever, I'm addicted. If I had the option I may have worn the black version, but the white picks up the pattern in the dress nicely and it is summer so hopefully I got away with it!
So where did we find ourselves? We headed out of the apartment open to a restaurant choosing us should we come across it. The others loved where we dined but I didn't so that's why it's not on here! After being nourished we visited the kind of establishment that offers a different type of nourishment; alcoholic nourishment. This first bar is called The Hanger. Before I go any further let me explain that in Prague it appears the landlords of night time venues love a theme. The Hanger therefore had a predominant aviation theme, from plane wings to pin up air hostess girls, it was all going on! A brief boogie later we went to James Dean. A James Dean bar, my dear readers, has screens of clips of James Dean rolling on repeat, half a Cadillac-esque car on show, Elvis in the loo and diners painted on the wall. I told you they love a theme! Anyway it was amusing, awesome and totally cool in its own quirky way, but more importantly they played Spice Girls - Wannabe and Destiny's Child - I'm a Survivor one after another. This fact is one that Jess and I were over the moon about. All in all our night out in Prague left me with a sore head and a designer dress that seriously stank of smoke, a lot of laughs and the memory of busting some serious 90s dance moves. As the aim of our evening was to let our hair down and have the kind of fun you have in a place that stag and hen do's head to, it was a phenomenal evening. There were even Coyote Ugly style girls dancing on the bar, except they're more Essex hen do than Tyra Banks supermodels. 
Thanks again to Jess for the outfit shots.

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