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During my three weeks off work, in between finishing one position and starting a new role, I went to Portugal (see posts about that trip herehere and here) and after just a few nights back home I went to another European destination; Prague. The two trips couldn't have been more different. Portugal consisted of walking from the fridge to the sun lounger or from the taxi to the table in a restaurant where as Prague consisted of walking on average 10 miles a day. The part of Portugal I stayed in didn't have much to offer in the way of culture apart from exceptional food and scenery where as the latter trip was full to bursting with an experiential feast for a culture vulture like myself. 
You'll appreciate, with the brief description above, that comfort and ease were important sartorial factors in Prague. Nevertheless Prague is a gorgeous city and thus I wasn't about to go all geography teacher on you. Here is my practical but pretty day 1 look. The dress is a few seasons ago from Reiss, the shoes are Superga plimsoles with a platform and the lightweight waterproof jacket I picked up in the airport from Zara en route to Prague. I had my city-chic looks down, but hadn't realised that although warm temperatures there was a somewhat serious chance of some definitely serious downpours. That chance proved to deliver. Don't worry though, I was ready with my new jacket! And even more useful was my umbrella carrying boyfriend. Notice the devilish grey rain cloud above the clock tower in the old town square. Notice the picture beneath that one where (it's hard to tell) it is raining so hard we couldn't hear each other speak. That rain commenced 1 minute and 14 seconds into the two hour walking tour we had just began. Needless to say I was disinterested in trudging around a city while getting pneumonia and so consequently we ditched in a bid for warmth and a beverage. 
Speaking of drinks, a Czech person drinks a litre of beer a day. Businessman will have beer with lunch during the working day. Locals will have beer whatever the hour. And so we drank a lot of beer so as not to disrespect their culture. Bonus! A pint isn't £4 like it is at home, it is more like 30-70 pence. I would have to say I therefore agree with the smart people of Prague that there really is never a reason not to have a beer. 
The street our apartment was on was recognisable to us by the Fred & Ginger building aka The Dancing building. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers can be seen arm in arm in the form of architectural genius below. Notice the swing of her skirt. 
Other notes from our first day in Prague to report include that the city itself is incredibly small and therefore entirely walkable, but the trams are awesome and to watch out for them as they'll just come on down the road suddenly which is not something a Londoner would be used to looking out for. And also there are lots of wonderful and different styled bridges that act as perfect markers for how far you need to walk or how far you have until you're home. 
The cultural experiences of our first day revolved mainly around food and drink and architecture. We didn't make it through the walking tour but we certainly walked and toured the city regardless. 
The extent of the walking may have been a far cry from my tottering around the villa, playing table tennis and fetching another dark and stormy for myself as was the style in Portugal, but both trips have left me with new knowledge, divine memories and the inability to do up some of my clothes.

Just quickly, I want to thank my best loves for their patience with me taking photos, and getting them to take photos too. Spencer my jock of a photographer and Jess you are so talented. All wide angled shots are by she. The rest by he. The rest by me.
There will be more on my friends' major talent soon. 

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