BITE: On Local Cuisine When In Prague

Another day in Prague and a few more Czech experiences to share with you. I realise these Prague posts have been coming intermittently for a while but I didn't want to blurt them all out at once because it might become a bit boring only reading about one central topic. Hence I have interspersed them with lots of lovely other things such as a Digital Detox and a review of The Body Book. Which incidentally both proved very popular so if you haven't already, you should read them.

The first picture is a tired looking Han who is feeling the effects of walking twelve miles a day then boozing till gone twelve at night consecutively. Poor Han. You may not instinctively think to wear a mini skirt while perusing the city streets in Europe where unsuspecting showers grace you with their presence all too regularly. Despite having moments of a slight chill this is actually an ingenious idea. Not only does skin dry faster than any material, take that, friends in jeans, but also your legs are free to roam and explore. Okay so I didn't check the weather forecast properly which is also why sitting in Heathrow I went and bought this jacket from Zara before boarding. My friends travelling with me, coincidently, had checked the weather. It was their dissemination of knowledge that allowed me to be slightly more prepared for the rain by purchasing this utterly sweet, light as a feather, white (reluctantly using this word) anorak. And I still really like my white anorak. My anorak is useful in the warm but rainy months at home too. So, anyway, here I am, tired and wearing my anorak with cold legs.
Beneath you will find yet another example of architecture in Prague that I adored. The big letters spell PRAHA which means Prague and I simply adore how they repetitively don the sides of buildings with actual art. There's lots of vibrancy in the city including bursts of beautiful colours on buildings, flower stands and exuberant personalities. The beauty of a relatively small city is the ability to walk all around it with ease. The down side is that means a lot of walking and, remember, Hannie tired. I jest, I jest, it is glorious. To refuel we mixed up authentic local cuisine with some Italian, French and whatever else took our fancy. On this day we gave into some tourist propaganda and decided to try out Pork Knuckle. Thankfully we had inside information and so went to an especially decent restaurant out of those that serve Pork Knuckle! The platter also came with ribs and various side dishes, which equates to an extraordinarily large amount of food. To find your meat within the knuckle there is a degree of digging required, once located, though, it is incredibly succulent. A few Czech beers (which is drank like water in Prague, remember) and a meat mountain later, my hangover was a little less raucous but now I was exhausted and full. Finally the rest of the group were defeated too so we agreed to get a couple of hours rest before the next evening full of activities. Said activities were especially special so be sure to read the next Prague post.

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