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As someone that regularly counts ten things that I am grateful for, I am still surprised how I can be left feeling disgruntled at the way my week is going or distracted by displeasing trivia. Even if you have your dream job, house or car, (lucky you!) there are weeks when things just refuse to go smoothly. It is at this point that it is the hardest but the most important time to be thankful for all the positivity in your life. This is when you will probably find it harder to remember 10 wonderful things than you would if asked to count on a Sunday filled with sunshine, smiles, burgers and beer. And yet if you extend yourself to remember these special parts of your existence, those things that you cannot help but smile about, then your mood and outlook will instantly be lifted. 

Taking the time to focus on the good has obvious and immediate gratification however there are further beneficial consequences. By altering your perspective, remembering what is important and what matters to you, you have the opportunity to realise that whatever it is that is bringing you down is not worth as much of your attention as these more uplifting aspects. If a co-worker is being short with you it helps to remember times that are close to your heart with your loved ones. When you're worried about the state of your bank account it helps to acknowledge that when you laughed so hard your cheeks hurt and your abs ached was totally free. And if you're allowing yourself to feel negatively about your own person, realise that your nearest and dearest, who you think are pretty awesome, love you and you respect their opinion so listen when they tell you you're great! Having the consciousness to be grateful is what can give us this change in perspective. 

Each and every time I count my list of things to be thankful for I try my hardest to choose differently so as to acknowledge more things. Yet without any doubt every time I cannot help but think of how lucky I am to have four happy and healthy niblings (nieces and nephews) and a truly gorgeous family. There are certain relationships I yearn to be better, of course all families have their complications. This is not what is important though. What matters most is that everyone is in good health, and my fab four, Orla, Isaac, Elijah and Joseph are as happy as can be. Below are photographs from a day dedicated to saying thank you for the arrival of the twins. An excellent moment to appreciate their presence and their health. Furthermore it is a reminder that there is lots to be grateful for and we should be so, more often.

Here are my morning's top ten things that I am grateful for as I come to the end of a tough week. I challenge you to do the same as you wait for the bus, wash up your cereal bowl or stand in a queue. I promise it will make you smile! Leave me a comment to tell me you joined in and did your own list (you don't have to include your top ten if you don't feel comfortable to but let me know you did it!).

I am thankful for:
1. my twin nephews having such beautiful laughs and my sister filming them chuckle so I could join in from a far
2. my boyfriend for helping me deal with a storage unit that is overwhelming me
3. the sun shining because it feels so good on my skin!
4. seeing all four of my niblings on Saturday
5. my dear friends welcoming a healthy baby boy to their lives
6. having just had such a magnificent weekend with my boyfriend's family
7. my sister being my best friend
8. spending an evening on the sofa with my mum (instead of going running!)
9. feeling good in my own body and my skin being clear
10. the knowledge that tomorrow is another day!

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