GO: Make New Memories in a New City

I can't say I would always wear a sparkly number for wondering around a city but hey, why not? This jumper is classic in its bretton-y goodness but has a little extra something wonderful. The rest of my look is monochromatic so as not to be too much
First thing, we headed to a Tim Burton exhibition that we noticed the day before. What a treat? To explore the mind of a creative eccentric who is by any measure an absolute total genius, while exploring a new city, is something I'm sure the four of us won't ever forget. As a self confessed culture vulture this was absolutely a high light of my trip. The exhibition displayed frames filled with doodles executed on bar napkins. There were letters to long-time colleague Johnny Depp. Deep explanations (to himself, perhaps) of the inner workings of his characters minds. There were the initial advertising campaigns that were the opposite of the Burton style we know today, and that ensured he embark on a different creative career path leading him to make the films we know and love. What was a sweet little coincidence is that my stripes went well with the foyer's design. 
The glory of having a small city (in comparison to say, London) that's river is divided by aesthetically unique bridges is that they act as  good markers to get your bearings. That being said every time we set to return to the apartment we went in the direction of the river, but by travelling down different roads. This afternoon there was some offbeat beauty that I found in derelict buildings that still stood with such grandeur. I find buildings as special as landscape scenes of nature, as a glorious frock or a divine piece of art. From the drawings etched on a canvas of a buildings exterior, to dishevelled peeling paint the below photographs include some that particularly caught my eye. 
In every city there is the equivalent of Bond Street. Part of my sight seeing ritual is visiting the avenue laced with designer glory. My friend Josh, also on the trip, couldn't fathom the interest in visiting shops that are the same globally. But they aren't. What interests me is knowing the sort of pieces stocked in my home city, seeing the differences of product displayed. For example if you head to Mayfair this afternoon and venture into Prada you'll find heavenly leathery bags boasting studs and hawaiian prints. Eccentricity screams from the bold colours and unusual heel shapes in Prada. However I noticed in Prague that the simple block colour totes were the majority of what was on offer. Apart from a few bejewelled clutches the look of the store was simple, chic yes but a lot more plain than what I have come to expect of Prada. This is because you stock your shops with what you learn that the type of customer for that area will buy. Call me peculiar but I find that sort of observation interesting. Equally there is nothing more divine than exploring a local boutique and getting to know the vibe of their stock. I found my dream shop filled from top floor to basement with the brands I love. Not one of the designers in this shop do I not adore. Acne and Balenciaga, Balmain and Isabel Marant, Rick Owens and Stella McCartney. The downstairs boasted an open white space with half way dimmed lighting, diptyque candles burning and walls covered in collections from the above and more. It was honestly perfection!
After a fast and sudden thud back down to earth we waded through the rain to find Jess and Josh (who had been on the walking tour while Spencer and I embarked on our own shopping tour). When we had reconvened for a coffee stop we found these delicious sugary delights! I suppose in a bid to describe it, there is a similarity to a danish pastry but with no gooiness or icing just sugar. They are fresh from being cooked so are warm and light. They also contributed to my holiday related weight gain that has lead me to hang up my sugary pastry days. I already knew they offer zero benefit upon consumption but I love to try everything, unfortunately "everything" adds up!
Regardless of the naughty snacks there are a lot of new experiences to enjoy the memories of from this day. A new exhibition, a new boutique, a new route home and a new edible treat. I am wearing Birkenstocks, Prada sunglasses, Urban Outfitters studded bag and jumper from a boutique in Cornwall 2006 - see? Timeless. I guess not everything has to be new to be special. 

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