Wear: Holiday Accessories

As the temperatures get higher and your clothes get lighter inevitably you end up not wearing very much at all. I sometimes come to the point where I want to wear so little that I have to think harder how to keep my personal style showing in just one teeny weeny dress, or a simple tank and shorts. It’s actually harder than when you have a pair of trousers, boots, a top, a jumper, coat and scarf to style however suits your sartorial mood. You can tie your scarf in a certain way that gives nonchalance or a sense of seriousness, your hat will speak volumes ahead of you (ahead, head, hat, geddit) and your chosen shape of winter coat signifies your style standing point. But with just a couple of pieces to work with it can be harder.
Queue the summer accessories. With vibrancy in the scenery around you, boldly blue skies, stunning flowers enticing the bees, vivid and intense greens from the grass, it is fun and almost necessary to match your surroundings with some colourful jewellery. I’m a gold girl anyway but it really accentuates sunkissed skin in glow of warmth and luxury. See my Monica Vinader stacking rings, Michael Kors watch and Ray Ban aviators; these are actually my daily pieces. Below are striking J Crew statement necklaces I bought last summer in America. As much as I adore these necklaces the 4 below are even closer to my heart. Everywhere I travel that has local produce on offer I will endeavor to buy a piece of jewellery from. Not only are they unique in style, handmade one offs hold a story, to top all of that off they last a lot longer than their high street equivalents. An alternative method to brighten up your simple summer attire is with a colourful lipstick. Go bold with fuschia pink or elevate a monochromatic ensemble with a bright red. When you have your summer accessories down, it’s time to enjoy the season playing games with your friends and embracing moments of hilarity. Note: Inter-couple table tennis is embarked on at your own risk. And Spencer and I are standing champions of double table football.

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