Bite: An Inventive Thank You Present

Jess and I lived together in halls and were walking distance apart in 2nd and 3rd year of university. Since graduating, however, I have been in London while Jess has been in Cornwall or Somerset which are both quite a far way from me! This means we don't see each other quite as often but that we get the pleasure of embarking on weekend trips to see one another. And so it was my turn. 

Before I got comfy on the supposed to be three but actually took four and a half hour coach journey I was packing up my things at home. I thought about what I should take to say thank you for having me, picking me up, showing me about and feeding me. Wine? Chocolates? The problem with wine is that she used to be a red only kind of girl but I think she is into white now too, but which white? Chocolate wasn't the answer either because I knew we were both avoiding that sort of sugary treat. Perhaps I could make something? It would be more personal.

Then I had a eureka moment. I had baked it once before and Jess would be sure to love it. The night prior to lugging my case on the tube to work I stayed up and made this beautiful seedy super-food bread. 

Here is the recipe that I used from Deliciously Ella
It takes about two hours to make from beginning to end. And with that love and care you are able to gift someone with a truly special thank you that is more personal than a bottle of plonk. Also this is a health conscious delight and I know that Jess has been enjoying making the right dietary choices as have I. Therefore in taking something edible, that is still guilt free, it is supportive to one another and respectful of our personal choices as opposed to a chocolate fudge cake that we would eat too much off and regret!

I etched in a flower before putting my loaf in the oven. This was just an attempt to make it look more pretty when giving it to Jess. Why not write your friends name on it? Or create a pattern? Have fun with it. After all you're in charge of making the bread so it is up to you how it looks at the end. There are no rules!

To travel with the bread I allowed it to return entirely to room temperature after cooking. Once it was cool again I wrapped it in cling film to keep it from being spoiled. To ensure it wasn't bashed or bruised in my bag I put the wrapped loaf back into the bread tin that I had cooked it in. This acted as it's armour to travel to Somerset in. And it worked a treat!

I hope you found my inventive thank you present inspiring to think outside the box when you are next a guest. Jess thoroughly appreciated it and the really special part is that we ate it together in the morning with freshly laid eggs from her neighbours hens and that Jess immediately asked for the recipe after taking the first bite! 

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