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Our Facebook feeds are often inundated with pleas for support in x, y, and z charity fundraiser. An optimist might suggest that this is an obviously positive use of social media. Furthermore it is equally a great sign of many people raising much needed money for various different charities. A pessimist might say that they find themselves being over-saturated by all the different causes, runs, tea parties (uhum, ice bucket challenges) and so on. Don't listen to the pessimists, though, because all awareness and all money raised is absolutely constructive.

When I lived in Bristol it appeared to be the land of the eccentric youths or out of work actors and musicians who were minimising their unemployment by working for charities in a bid to get more sign ups. Were their motives derived from passion for the particular cause? I daren't pigeon hole a large number of people. I did, however, learn how to get past them without being delayed by their theatrical attempts for my personal details. This may sound like I am cold-hearted and stingy. My attitude is that there are so many different charitable organisations out there, that would all benefit from further donations, so to decide which ones to give to is an individual's prerogative. Despite it being one's right to choose it is also our obligation to be charitable if you're in a position to.

So how do we choose then? With television adverts pulling at our heart strings, celebrities urging us to give on instagram and friends running miles and miles in a bid to earn your cash it can be overwhelming. I propose that the majority of us will make our choice based on a personal connection to the cause. Perhaps if you know someone has been ill with a certain disease or ailment then you might feel compelled to donate to a cause that goes towards helping others with the same problem. Alternatively you might have always been a great animal lover and therefore it is instinctive for you to want to help charities such as RSPCA and PETA. There could be any number of connections but I expect as the economy still has room for improvement to get members of the public to dig deep into their pockets there will need to be a personal connection. 

Once you have found an affinity with a particular organisation you might want to help them beyond your own financial means by fundraising. And thus the circle comes back on itself where you are no longer being sought to donate but seeking others to do so instead. From my experience the key to making others respond and engage is through involvement. 

As we've discussed the subjective issue of possible over-saturation the solution may be to earn donations. Recently I have been asked by two friends to participate in their efforts to fundraise. Firstly I was asked to take part in the same 10k run with a good friend as she and her sister were striving to raise £1000 for the British Heart Foundation. They succeeded in hitting their target and it was a joyous occasion to run the race with a whole group of friends as we all wanted to support Laura and Lottie. Just this weekend I also attended a BBQ hosted by Jess and Josh also looking to raise £1000 but for Cancer Research. Again this was a truly wonderful afternoon and they successfully fed and watered their guests with delicious offerings with the purpose to involve others in their desire to raise money. They are also donating 10% of all wine sold on the day and are still taking orders to reach their goal. 

Both occasions were real treats and very special. The run and the bbq provided an excellent reason to get together with others and do something good. The run especially gave me a positive drive to get outdoors and practice running the distance prior to the race itself. Getting exercise and raising money for charity couldn't be more beneficial if it tried! My mum and I are training to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October. It is an overwhelmingly long distance that I am somewhat behind in my training for but look out for some inventive ways  as we endeavour to hit our target too. Are you doing anything exciting to fundraise?

To read Laura and Lottie's moving story as to why they wanted to raise money or to donate to the British Heart Foundation yourself, click here.

To donate to Jess and Josh's fund for Cancer Research and help them reach their target, click here. For more information on buying wine of which 10% of proceeds go to Cancer Research email 

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