Do: Take A Walk And Really Look Around You

There are a lot of us that can get overwhelmed or preoccupied with the demands of modern life, of climbing the ladder, displeasing daily occurrences and stresses. If you’ve read my post about being thankful you know that I count ten things to be grateful for when on the tube. By taking myself out of the immediate uncomfortable situation it can’t affect me and I leave calmly, happier and with a positive mindset ready to begin my day at work. The alternative is what many of my fellow passengers subject themselves to; misery and frustration. It isn’t always beneficial to use a form of escapism as a coping mechanism though. Life will pass you by if you don’t look around.

If there is nothing in your surroundings that pleases you then it is time to make some changes. That’s no way to live. Before quitting your job or moving counties why not look around a little closer? Be open minded about what you perceive as beautiful, special and poignant. I appreciate the country but I am a city girl through and through. What others might despise our capital for, I adore. Especially during the times that I am my job takes its toll on my mood, I take the time to remember how lucky I am for the location of our offices. In the center of Mayfair it is a particularly opulent area. While I am not a fan for unnecessary consumerism the streets are worth treasuring for the history, the reputation, the quality and that majesty that is brought to life through luxury stores. Movies have been made about it (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”) so who am I to not appreciate the offerings of Old Bond Street, Savile Row and Berkeley Square?

I read a really wonderful answer to a question in an interview about pursuing your dreams. “If you want to be a film maker, take your camera with you everywhere you go. If you want to be a writer then write every day.” This has really stuck with me so in a bid to be consistent with improving, learning, practicing and trying, I am using my beloved camera even more (my boyfriend probably didn’t think that was possible) and writing more frequently. One afternoon I decided to document the beauty in my environment. I took my camera and the time and used a fresh perspective and my lunch break to photograph this little part of London that has a big price tag. The really special parts are free though. Berkeley Square, spontaneous bouts of nature in amongst the concrete, smugly striding past traffic jams, quintessentially British delights like a red phone box are all part of what is worth acknowledging. Whether your immediate view is of fields, skyscrapers, old architecture or a modern town its beneficial to appreciate it. Somewhere else, I can assure you, there is someone who is envious of what you have all around you and you don’t even realise is there day in day out. That person might not be in a position where they get the chance to travel or the opportunity to move. So if you can’t do it for yourself do it for them and absorb it, breathe it in and remember it, all of it.

“There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.” – Alexander Woollcott. What may appear as the mundane underpinnings of your life can easily become a cherished accent to your otherwise ordinary day. But no day is unimportant so seek out what will make it special. Walk a different route back to the tube station, slow down by the Lebanese restaurant and inhale the smells, eat your lunch outside not at your desk, smile at passers by, complement a stranger, be patient, take a walk and really look around you.

Pictures below:
Some old bikes' reflection in Ralph Lauren window – oh and me (no old bike jokes).
Telephone box
Old Bond Street’s glory
A tree interrupts the brick
Painters in the park (Berkeley Square)
Old news, current news, new news
Louis Vuitton, Bond Street
Me resurrecting the barrel bag
Excellent tailoring on a gentleman pedestrian in The Royal Arcade
Black and white mopeds, black and white building
My mum, my drinking partner, on a summer’s afternoon waiting for a train
Somewhere you have to visit to believe it

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