Go: Dancing to Live Music at The Troubadour

I haven't been here for years and it was amusing to me how my memory had filled in blanks when picturing the place. It is always positive not to go to the same places all the time so I was excited when my little brother hosted his birthday party at an old haunt of mine, The Troubadour. In Earls Court it is just a short and convenient tube ride away from me (I like anywhere I can get to on the district line). 

Live music blared and consumed us as we danced and drank. Before the band begun we feasted on some sweet potato fries (heaven) and glugged some wine while catching up. To listen to the music you must pay an entry fee which is always distressing but the musicians earned their keep and it was well worth it. I missed this place! Definitely worth heading down to, The Troubadour never disappoints. As I no longer require an inventive excuse to leave boarding school to head to the underground joint I will be frequenting it more regularly now that my lil bro has reminded me of its greatness! I hope you had a great party there, Cam. Happy 21st. 

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