Go: Visit a Friend and Explore Somewhere New (Part I)

You don't have to go abroad to go on a trip. You don't even need to board a plane. Jump on a coach or a train and explore a part of the country you don't already know very well. I am certain that everyone reading this has a friend that lives over an hour away, and I am sure that that friend would love to have you stay for a weekend. So I suggest that you stop waiting for them to visit you and book that train ticket. 

I recently posted about an unusual and edible thank you gift for my friend who put me up for a weekend. From this trip I am going to show my photo diary. Its great to go somewhere new with someone that knows the area because they know the sweetest villages to explore and the most magnificent meals to devour. Saying that, as a local, often one can become repetitive in the places they choose to frequent, so it is likely they will be trying out places they haven't got around to going to before as they show you around. 

In the morning after my gorgeous five mile run surrounded by fields and countryside creatures, we were gifted fresh eggs from the neighbours hens. Poached and served with my home made super-bread I couldn't ask for a more divine start to the day. Would it be as sweet if that was a regular occurrence? Some would say No because you become used to it and consequently unappreciative, I have to disagree and say Yes! That would be wonderful! Moving on from having revealed to you a secret dream of mine, we then drove just a short distance to a village called Wells. Picturesque and quaint doesn't cover it. A monthly market was in full swing offering scents of sizzling sausages, pre-loved stacks of books and pies and cheese to salivate over. Jess hadn't actually known that the market was on that day but it suddenly became our focus for hours. I bought a beautiful perfume bottle from the Antique Market. Having observed the incredible infrastructure of the Cathedral and nourished ourselves with some food we returned home. 

After a wee rest and change of clothes we hopped on the far-less-frequent-than-in-London bus into Glastonbury. There we drank at a pub called The Who'd A Thought It before going for an organic and whole food friendly restaurant. Having a phenomenal and fresh three course meal full of tantalising flavours and our second bottle of wine it was this and our full and protruding bellies that fuelled the idea to walk the six miles home. I can't say I didn't regret this fairly drunken decision three miles in but it definitely felt all the sweeter to get into bed afterwards and any expectation of a sore head the next day was unfulfilled having already burned it off. 

Where my friend lived (she has now moved home to Cornwall, no one said life is fair people) in Ashcott, Somerset is so beautiful, green, small, remote, fresh and vibrant. I am a city girl, there is no doubt about it, but leaving the familiarity of London life for a weekend of countryside divinity is rejuvenating to say the least. The journey provides time to read your book that you've been wanting to sink into. The different surroundings are grounding and provide perspective. Do things really seem so bad when your eating freshly laid eggs? And your friendship will delight in having some quality time.

Part two of my gorgeous trip to Somerset will be posted soon so look out. In the mean time why not reach out to a friend that you've been meaning to visit. Check the different routes to  Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester or Cornwall. Put your camera on charge and make some truly special memories. It is invaluable to get to know other parts of the country you live in as it gives further insight and perspective into how others live. Travelling cross-country also has the potential to improve your geography as it did me. The late night conversations, reflective moments over a morning coffee or embarking on a new running route will all leave you glad you made the effort to travel all those miles.

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