Wear: A Little Sparkle For A Special Occasion

For our anniversary this year I suggested that we skip the pressies and do an activity. When ideas of rock climbing had been pushed to the side eventually we decided on a weekend away instead of an activity. This still had the same sentiment because the point was to enjoy each others company rather than do gifts. Makes sense seeing as your celebrating being together by being together. 

Off we set (after a lavish work do) to a gorgeous and perfectly secluded hotel 6 miles outside of Windsor. As we didn't arrive until just gone 8 o'clock it was a dash upstairs, throw the bags down and a quick change before our reservations at the restaurant back downstairs. Thankfully, or rather impressively, I had packed specific looks for each occasion over the weekend and so I already knew what I'd be "throwing on" in a grand total of twenty minutes. I went for a simple, all white look, except for cobalt blue heels and a little sparkle. My new purchase from high-street gods Zara (have you heard about their little sister store hitting Westfields?) is all business in the front, and party in the back! With a low and revealing cut and a sparkly feature it felt the perfect balance for a not too dressy but still very special occasion. 

A dose of food envy (both ways) and a devoured cheese board later I was certainly "filling" my white trousers. A day filled with bubbles from noon till midnight, an all white outfit surviving my sea food linguine with no marks and celebrating my 3rd anniversary must all mean... I'm growing up! 

My outfit is unimaginatively all from Zara. 

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