Explain to me what is HanJanRan?
What began as a fashion blog, HanJanRan was my baby that allowed me to combine too passions; fashion and writing. Having learned a lot over the past couple of years as I dabbled in and out of posting regularly, it has naturally grown to become more of a lifestyle blog. HanJanRan still includes fashion as well as recipes, travel, home wear, spirituality and health and fitness.

When asking my friends what it is that they see in my blog that reflects what they love about me, it was all about the feel good factor. I truly love life, I think happiness isn’t a given but is something we work at to achieve and maintain and can be found in so many different forms. So my ambition with HanJanRan is to give the odd pointer or suggestion that might make you smile, or try something new that you fall in love with or, best of all, make you feel great about yourself.
And who are you?
My name is Hannah Jane Rankine, which is where the title for my blog came from – it’s the first three letters of my names! I am in my twenties and have graduated with a Marketing Communications degree. I currently work in Fashion PR, specifically with VIPs. Growing up in Surrey I now live in SW London and absolutely adore our capital. Those are my stats but more importantly here are a few things about me that truly count!
I absolutely, passionately and totally adore food; Italian, Japanese, Lebanese, fusion… whatever it is, I’m into it all! I have a steady relationship that’s been going pretty strong for quite a while now with Sauvignon Blanc, Prosecco, Pinot Grigio and Champagne. I’m an Auntie to four beautiful niblings that if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know about! Working out is part of my life and great fun but like us all constantly struggle to do as much as I’d really like (although the gym costs too much not to go, eh?!). I love travelling and exploring new cultures, which is really important to me because it gives me better and greater perspective on others’ lives and the size and beauty of the world. And I love to talk! I’m a big talker! Fellow train passengers, friends’ parents, my sister or my boyfriend I will talk to just about anyone and everyone! It is a far more exciting way to learn new things than in a classroom, I can tell you that for free.

I really mean it when I say I’d love to hear from you. Is there something you’d love to see more of? A question for me specifically? Or did you do something I suggested in a post and loved it? Then please get in touch.

Twitter: @hanjanran
Instagram: @hanjanran

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